CFC (City Football Club - Club Futsal City)
9/18 Do Thanh Residential - Ward 4 - District 3 - HCMC
Tel: +84.08.38181591
CFC (City Futsal Club - Club Futsal City) was officially established on 02-01-2016 by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City under the license granted.
With financial and professional activities in the field of Futsal, Futsal team creates solutions for your business and develop management systems Futsal team, along with the development of the industry Sporting Vietnam, far CFC has gradually grown steadily.
For more than 4 years of trial operation, the CFC has decided to select and connect with the leading enterprises of Vietnam, to give customers the most complete endpoint in each service pack. Training including Basic Futsal, Futsal coaching community. Futsal semi-professional training and specialized training nghiep.Va Futsal to date service pack of CFCs has been the support and received a lot of companies from small and medium-scale as well as the webmasters.
The number of customers also increased as awareness of the importance of customer service, CFC has been a major change in the professionalization of the parts, especially to strengthen the team coach has expertise and customer care department of continuous operation. CFC always boasts cohesion and serve customers with the best work ethic, to the cooperation between the customer and achieve CFC absolute value in the business.
CFC understand that quality, service and innovative technology is always an important factor leading in the survival and development of enterprises operating in the field of Sports in general and futsal in particular, and this is considered a "war" in which customers are always informed decisions - decisions of our success.


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Post 2:

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