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Date: 17/02/2016    View: 1217 Football community curriculum
From 6 to 10 years old:
Designed suitable for children from 6-10 years old. The course will teach you the basic techniques of football. It is interwoven into the game with the ball and create excitement ended with competitions to generate excitement for the children. Basic skills include:
· Skills Soccer boots
· Skills he lifted the ball with the back of head
· Skills ball
· Skills in soccer soles
· Ball control skills
· Skills pass
· Skills fixed, shot, live ball
· Skills Header
· Basic Physical Exercise
From 11 to 14 years:
Designed suitable for children aged 11-14 years old. The course will teach advanced techniques in football. The children began to learn tactics and will be shaped specific location on the field. The main skills courses include:
Raising courses
· Skills boot with ball
· Skills consent juggle ball, thigh
· Skill points ball falls
· Skills coordinated attack
· Skills claw the ball, volley
· Attacking skills
· Skills defense
· Team coordination skills
· Advanced Physical Exercise
· Exercise basic tactics
Dream Camp:
The course is designed to help children become familiar with the ball. The basic technique is coach cleverly integrated into the game, help them learn and play - fun to learn, easy to acquire and maintain the interest. The focus of the course to help them improve the following elements:
· More agile
· More confident
· Stronger
· Teamwork
· The spirit of fair play
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